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The Right to Bear, Arms Co. is a firearms manufacturer specializing in AR platform variants and HK products and services.  We are focused primarily on building custom firearms for individuals and law enforcement with upgraded parts as standard.  As a manufacturer of standard and NFA items we can build exactly what you want for self-defense, hunting, or competitive shooting.  For law enforcement we can build light weight, select fire weapons for your elite operators in silenced or non-silenced formats.  Whatever the caliber or platform we can build or procure it at a fair price. 

As a service to our customers we can bundle a complete custom firearm that includes optics, fixed sights, and choice of finish.  When purchasing a bundled weapon we will bore sight the optics to get you ‘on paper’.  All tools for sight adjustment, optic or fixed, will be included with your custom build along with a bore snake or brush for cleaning.  Our goal is for you to have everything you need to take your new weapon to the range, get it dialed in, and send rounds down range with precision!

Got something specific in mind?  Please email us with your idea and we’ll start the process toward building your dream gun!